Community Hospital – Fairfax

Family Medicine Clinics

At Community Hospital-Fairfax, we are blessed with a dedicated medical staff that understands and is invested in our communities. We strive to foster provider-patient relationships knowing the importance of a personal relationship with your provider when it comes to your health.

If you are in need of healthcare, please contact any of the following members of our community healthcare team:

Family Medicine Clinics Schedule

Meet your providers!

Tarkio Family Medicine
M-F, Sat. Mornings

Rock Port Family Medicine

Mound City Family Medicine

South Holt Family Medicine

West Nodaway Family Medicine

Fairfax Family Medicine
M and F

Providers Schedule

Schedules are subject to change

Aron Burke M.D.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday-Rock Port

Dustin Carpenter M.D.

Monday – Mound City

Tuesday – Tarkio

Wednesday – Mound City

Friday – Mound City

Mina Massey M.D.


Wednesday-South Holt



Pam Davis FNP

Monday a.m. – Fairfax

Tuesday a.m. – Rock Port

Wednesday a.m. – Tarkio


Joanna Burke PNP

Monday a.m. – Mound City

Tuesday – Rock Port

Wednesday – Tarkio

Thursday p.m. – Mound City

Friday – Rock Port

Amanda Auxier FNP

Monday – South Holt

Tuesday – South Holt

Thursday – South Holt

Friday – South Holt

Melissa Masonbrink FNP

Monday p.m. – Fairfax

Tuesday – Mound City

Thursday a.m.- Walk In Clinic Mound City a.m., Appointments Mound City p.m.

Friday – Tarkio

Saturday a.m. Walk In Clinic – Tarkio

Becky Heits FNP

Monday – West Nodaway

Tuesday – West Nodaway

Wednesday – West Nodaway

Thursday – West Nodaway