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About Us

Doug Kline – Chairman

Richard Oswald – Vice Chairman

Stacy Hughes – Secretary

Marilyn Alldredge

Carolyn Hall

Dallas Hurst

Gini Low

Dan Lucas

Susan Noland

Tonya Oswald

Sally Wehmann

In 1996 The Community Hospital – Fairfax’s Board of Directors wisely established the Community Healthcare Foundation. This foundation was established to manage the hospital’s assets and support major equipment purchases, employee education initiatives and community health events. The Foundation has since evolved into the fundraising and endowment arm of the hospital.

It is the Mission of Community Healthcare Foundation to develop relationships that enhance the quality of healthcare Community Hospital-Fairfax provides to our community. Our vision is to create opportunities for the current generation to provide for future generations. 

The Community Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from around our community. Each person is dedicated to ensuring quality healthcare is accessible to our community for generations to come.

Our Values

Quality: We value quality of life and quality healthcare for the people in our communities.

Service: We are passionate about serving others through volunteerism, philanthropy and education.

Sustainability: We seek to sustain quality healthcare for current and future generations in our communities.


Community Healthcare Foundation has established four endowments to support their mission.

1. Community Wellness and Educational Programs,

The Community Healthcare Foundation is dedicated to healthcare education in our communities. We provide funds for community wellness and education events that contribute to the health of individuals and families.

2. Healthcare Education

Community Healthcare Foundation is committed to bringing quality healthcare providers to our community. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and loans have been given to full-time students pursuing careers in healthcare and looking to serve our community.

3. Capital Improvements

In the last five years, The Community Healthcare Foundation has endowed millions of dollars toward hospital improvements and new lifesaving technologies including a new facility, a High-Definition Colonoscope, and a Fetal Monitoring System.

4. Operations and Sustainability

The Community Healthcare Foundation consistently retains and invests funds for the growth, longevity and sustainability of Community Healthcare Foundation and Community Hospital – Fairfax.

Office of Community Healthcare Foundation
Staff: Kris Umbarger
(660) 686-2211 ext. 350
PO Box 107
Fairfax, MO  64446