Community Hospital – Fairfax

Planned Giving

Your gift will continue to support quality healthcare and agriculture for generations to come.

The Community Healthcare Foundation is honored to accept charitable gifts from those that have chosen to remember Community Hospital – Fairfax in their will. Please consult your attorney and tell him or her exactly what you want to do. Planned gifts have been very meaningful in the history of Community Hospital – Fairfax and we are proud to honor the memories of individuals who have chosen to help us care for others through their gift.

One of the first responsibilities entrusted to Community Healthcare Foundation was the stewardship of farmland donated to Community Hospital – Fairfax. For over 25 years, Community Healthcare Foundation has owned and operated farmland to continue the legacy of generous farmers in our community.

If you do not have a plan for the future of your farmland and would like to support healthcare and agriculture in your community, consider gifting land to Community Healthcare Foundation.

Community Healthcare Foundation is committed to preserving farmland. We will retain farmland, maintain conservation practices and use the income from the land to support the ongoing mission of Community Hospital – Fairfax. Currently, the foundation owns and operates 230 acres in Atchison County and rents to local farmers. Proceeds generated from farmland and windmill support capital purchases and operational expenses for Community Hospital – Fairfax.

Speak to your attorney about how your farmland donation will, not only support healthcare, but also secure retirement income, provide for a loved one, and gain important tax benefits for you and your family.