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We want to help our patients understand the cost of healthcare. To do so, we are making our chargemaster available.

What is a Chargemaster?

A chargemaster is the comprehensive list of all the charges for each service we offer. As you can see, the chargemaster is quite large because it represents the hundreds of tests, procedures and exams we do on a daily basis.

Hospital charges are very complex. What you might see in the chargemaster rarely represents exactly what you might experience on your bill. Here are some of the reasons you may see a difference between the charge and what you are billed.

1. The price you see on the chargemaster is what is billed to your insurance company. The insurance company then applies its contracted rate i.e. the amount the company has agreed to pay for the service, test or exam. After the contracted rate is applied, your insurance plan may also dictate what percentage you pay of the remaining charge based on your deductible, coinsurance or co-pays. 

2. If you do not have insurance, you may be eligible for the hospital’s charity care or discount program that may be applied. Patients without insurance should contact the billing office to discuss their options.

3. Charges are the same for all patients regardless of insurance status. However, the final billed amount for procedures, exams, inpatient stays etc. may vary from patient to patient based on the individual needs of the patient. Variables such as length or complication of the exam, types of medication and complexity of other medical conditions you have may all play a role in determining your final bill.

Can I use the Chargemaster to estimate my hospital bill?

Patients should use extreme caution in estimating their financial responsibility based on the chargemaster prices listed. As explained above, your final bill can vary depending upon your insurance, lack of insurance, complexity of procedure along with many other variables. 

Link to Searchable Excel File for Pricing

Please feel free to download this and search for the procedure you would like to price. For a more exact estimate of prices based upon your particular insurance, please contact our business office.  

(If you do not have Microsoft Excel, please call (660) 686-2211 and ask for the billing office.)

Searchable Price Excel File

Machine Readable File

If you have concerns about your charges and would like to discuss your estimated financial responsibility with someone from the hospital's staff, we recommend that you contact the billing office at (660) 686-2211 Ext 249.