Community Hospital – Fairfax

Scholarship Opportunities

Students pursuing a career in healthcare are encouraged to apply for the Community Hospital-Fairfax Community Healthcare Foundation and Auxiliary Healthcare Educational Scholarships. These scholarships provide assistance with healthcare education at any approved educational institution.

The amount of scholarship money available is based on Community Healthcare Foundation and Auxiliary funds and the financial needs of the applicant.

Eligible are those with academic achievement and high standings and who are currently enrolled in or accepted into a healthcare program.

Community Healthcare Foundation Grow Your Own Program

The Community Healthcare Foundation would like students who are currently accepted into an accredited health-profession program to know about the Community Hospital-Fairfax scholarship/loan opportunity funded by the Foundation.

This scholarship/loan is available to students in the Community Hospital-Fairfax service area (Atchison, Holt and western Nodaway counties). The foundation welcomes anyone wishing to serve Community Hospital-Fairfax for 4 years after earning his or her certification as a healthcare professional. During that 4 years, the recipient will repay the Foundation fifty percent of the loan through payroll reimbursements. The money awarded to the student will assist with tuition and book fees.

Community Hospital - Fairfax Auxiliary Scholarship Fund

Community Hospital – Fairfax Auxiliary sponsors a Healthcare Educational Scholarship Program. This program provides assistance with healthcare education at any approved educational institution. The following information explains the guidelines of this scholarship program in a healthcare field.

Who is eligible?

Students who are currently accepted for admission to an approved educational institution in a health care program are considered for this scholarship.  Students may be newly accepted or currently enrolled and taking classes for a degree or higher degree or advanced training in a healthcare field.

Criteria for selection includes:

  •  Prior academic achievement and honors
  • Community services and other indications of services in healthcare
  • Possible interest in pursuing career with Community Hospital-Fairfax (not mandatory)
  • Two references: one educational and one personal (non-relative)

Amount of Scholarship:

The amount of scholarship funds available will be decided by the Auxiliary each year.  Scholarships may be renewed in subsequent years of schooling.

How to apply?

Applications are available in the Hospital Gift Shop (Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) or Applications can be obtained on Community Hospital Website ( downloaded and submitted to the Auxiliary.  Scholarships are considered once a year for the FALL Semester.  The completed applications must be submitted by June 30th.

Auxiliary Scholarship Application

Send applications to:

 Community Hospital-Fairfax AUXILIARY

Auxiliary Scholarship Program

P.O. Box 107

Fairfax, MO  64446