Community Hospital – Fairfax

Skilled or Swingbed Care

What is Skilled Care?

What is the difference between Skilled Care and Acute Care?

If I have a procedure elsewhere, can I request to come back to CH-F for Skilled Care?

The CH-F Skilled Care or Swing Bed Program is used for patients who still need a high level of nursing care, but not the same degree as an acute patient. An example might be someone who has been ill or injured that needs a long recovery time.

Skilled Care patients have an entire team of professionals working toward their recovery. The team creates a a plan-of-care that is specific to the patients’ needs. As recovery continues, the skilled care team meets weekly evaluating progress and making changes to the plan if needed. 

The ultimate goal of skilled care is rehabilitation. The Skilled Care team will be focused on easing you back into your day to day activities. That means visitors, hobbies and other comforts of home are encouraged. 

Some more technical differences include a lesser room charge, fewer vital sign visits from nursing and lesser restrictions on length of stay.

Yes! Have your care team contact your primary care physician to request Skilled Care at CH-F. If he or she has questions, just call the hospital at (660) 686-2211.