Community Hospital – Fairfax

Visitor Policy

It is the goal of Community Hospital-Fairfax to encourage family and friends to visit patients while at Community Hospital-Fairfax, and to ensure that all visitors have equal visitation privileges consistent with the patient’s wishes (or their appointed representative or support person) and the facility visitation guidelines.

There are times when visitation may be limited. Examples include:

  • Patient undergoing care interventions
  • Infection control issues
  • Visitation may interfere with the care of other patients
  • Existing court orders restricting contact
  • Disruptive, threatening, violent behaviors
  • Patient need for rest or privacy
  • Limitation number of visitors during specific time period
  • Visitors who exhibit signs or symptoms of cold or flu may not visit hospitalized patients.
  • Overnight stays by patients’ family members, support person, or significant others may be arranged on a case by case basis.
  • Pediatrics: An adult needs to be with a patient under the age of 12